AAA | European Networks and welcome events

AAA | European Networks and welcome events

‚ÄćDear¬† ‚Äć,

this is the first newsletter for our project "AAA - Activism against Ableism". We are very proud to present you our first results and what we could achieve so far. Of course, we will also introduce you to the project to better explain what is our goal in this Erasmus+ project. We hope you will continue to stay tuned to our newsletter! The next one will follow soon and will tell you more about our collaboration with differently-abled young people from Europe, with whom we have created a methodology. 


Also follow our social media channels, linked here as well as on our website. For questions, please write us an e-mail or contact us via social media!


Lutz Peschke (coordinator)

Noemi Kolloch, Janina Scholz for the AAA consortium

 Kick-off meeting in Valencia

‚ÄćAAA started with a kick-off meeting in the¬† beautiful city of Valencia in Spain. Here, all¬† project partners met in a hybrid meeting to¬† talk about the project, its first steps and the¬† distribution of tasks.


Such international meetings are always a  forge for creative exchange and input. The  next international meeting of the project  partners will take place in October in Porto,  Portugal.

‚ÄćBuilding a European network

‚ÄćDuring AAA, each partner had to build a na- tional network of organisations, associations, NGOs, cities, institutions and politicians to¬† support the project. We were able to acquire a total of 95 contacts for our European network, consisting of the national networks from Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Germany.

Welcome Events in Europe

‚ÄćIn addition to our national network building,¬† each project partner organised a welcome¬† ¬† event with their national network in their re-spective country. Here, every supporter and¬† interested person could learn more about¬† AAA and how the project will help to¬† strengthen the political participation of¬† young¬† ¬†people in Europe. The Welcome¬† Events were¬† ¬†a first good opportunity to¬† bring the aim of¬† ¬†AAA to more people. We¬† were able to reach¬† ¬†138 people with the¬† help of these events.

What is AAA all about?

The project "AAA - Activism Against Ableism", stands for "Activism against Ableism - Promoting political participation and activism of young citizens with different disabilities" and is founded by the European Union in the Erasmus+ programme. AAA started in September 2022 and will be accompanied by different European organisations, NGOs, companies and municipalities until 2024. 


The aim of the project is to develop transnational cooperation regarding to young people with disabilities. New resources are to be developed that will help these young people, for example, to take part in civic participation or even to set one up themselves. Overall, a new network of stakeholders, organisations and political decision-makers is to be created at European level, which will help young people with disabilities to assert their interests, especially in politics.


In addition to the young people, employees of the respective project partners and partner organisations should also benefit from the project results by incorporating them into their practice and receiving appropriate training. This should raise the awareness of employers for the rights of persons with disabilities and enable equal participation and integration of persons with disabilities in the labour market. All developed resources within the project will be made available in seven languages and will be freely accessible for five years after the end of the project.

‚Äć‚ÄćAAA ‚Äď Activism Against Ableism

This Project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union (2022-1-DE04-KA220-YOU-000087327)