The Activist Against Ableism project results

Establishment of a European network and National ecosystems.

Aiming the establishment of a European network and National ecosystems of institutions that work with differently abled citizens. Create a Network with stakeholders and other partner/associated institutions that by using or disseminating the methodology Activism Against Ableism – AAA, will encourage and engage the youth.

Methodology to promote the political participation of differently abled young citizens

This result will be developed in several steps, inspired by participatory action research strategies, with the aim of developing a methodology to promote socio-political participation of differently abled citizens, by involving them in the process. encourage and drive youth with disability to advocate for their social/professional inclusion.

“Activism Against Ableism” for youth workers

This result aims to create resources for the dissemination of the methodology, developed in the project, among youth workers that work with differently abled young citizens and train them through an LTTA. Contains two significant activities:

  • The development of a Handbook to systematise and further disseminate the methodology.
    The purpose of this handbook is:
    Promote awareness across Europe and beyond on the nefarious psychological and socioeconomic effects of ableism.
    Present and reflect on the process of development of this methodology, demonstrating the importance of the active political engagement of people with disabilities. Present the proposals that arose during that process in terms of strategies, activities and practices to promote the social and political participation in this context.
    Define guidelines for the replication of the methodology so that it can be used to promote the political participation of differently abled citizens by institutions across the world.
  • The development of the In-Service Training Activism Against Ableism for youth workers. This training aims to prepare youth workers to implement this methodology with their beneficiaries.

Promoting “Activism Against Ableism” heir social/professional inclusion

This will be the final result, focused on Promoting “Activism Against Ableism”. This entails developing a policy paper which will summarise the experience developed throughout the project, and the main conclusions in terms of policy making and practice regarding the social, professional and political inclusion of people with disabilities, the nefarious effects of ableism, the importance of the social and political participation of differently abled people, and how to promote their empowerment.